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Tips To Help You Deal With Two Jealous Dogs

It is not only humans who get jealous. Dogs are also known to be jealous. In most cases, they do so by barking at one another. This guide shows you how to treat jealous dogs.

Some signs of jealousy include fights, aggression, a pushy behavior and suddenly paying close attention to its owner. It is best you note down any jealous behavior you see in your dogs. Take not of what used to happen before and their current behavior. This information will be helpful should you have to seek help from a professional behaviourist.

It is important that each dog can access their things separately. They need to each have their water bowl, food bowl, toys and bed. Also, you need to attend to the dogs separately. When feeding the dogs, you can do so in different rooms. When it’s time to take your dogs for a walk, they both need to be on a leash. One should not be roaming while the other is leashed.

You need to reward good behavior with treats. Pay same attention to your dogs. It is better you ignore the both of them if you don’t have the time. Baby gates are great for sectioning off your house. It helps the dogs relax during the day. Separating them avoids jealousy.

Take your dogs to the vet for a check-up if they still act jealous and you have tried the above techniques. They need to be checked to ensure that they are not sick or in pain. A vet is the best person to tell you if your dog’s behaviours are not normal. You will be advised on how to deal with the jealousy. Read dog stories here!

When all fails, it’s time to seek help from a certified animal behaviourist. They will use the details you have to know the history of the dog and observe the dog when in action. A behaviorist will identify the problem and give you a solution. They will create a re-training program that is specially made to fit your circumstances. See the latest dog news here!

When you buy a new dog, ensure that you pay attention to it. New dogs take much time since they need much of your attention. When taking the dogs for a walk, you can do so with another person. Each will have space to enjoy the walk. Dogs are social animals. They enjoy being around human companions.

Jealousy in dogs disappears by treating them with equal attention and love. The best way of changing a dog’s behavior is to train them to do what you like and then reward the good behavior. They will learn how to do good.They embrace good behavior throughout their lifetime. Check out this website at to know more about dogs.

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