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Means Of Dealing With Jealous Dogs At Your Home

In accordance to a study that was done, it was discovered that, humans are not the only species that are capable of feeling or showing jealous behavior but, animals and moat specifically dogs can show this to. When you have more than one dog at your house and you have a tendency of giving attention to one dog, it is most likely that the other dog will start to show signs of jealousy. At times, you might appear on sight before the dogs and one might push its way to reach you. Apart from whining, your dog might start being aggressive towards you or another dog and this can be one of the major signs that your dog is jealous. This is one of the biggest indicators that your dog has an issue and, it can be portrayed when the dog bites or attempts to bite other individuals around them. Having unusual toilet habits is another indicator of jealous behavior.

With a jealous dog, it might decide to go against the teachings that the owner trained it to toilet outside the house, and start toileting any place. Since dogs do not have the ability to communicate verbally, this is one of the indications that your dogs needs your attention. Dogs might find odd ways to get your attention and one of the ways in which your dog can do this is doing tricks when not asked to or even pay close attention to you than usually. Visit the dog lovers website for more info!

Pushing the other dog when you are cuddling it because it is not getting the same attention as it is another solid indicator that one of your dogs is jealous. Upon realizing this factor, there are certain means that you can use to help you restore the lost affections that you had towards the other dog. Your dog will show all the characters that have been detailed above and many more and, what you should do is ensure that you record all the activities that your dog does. For more facts about dogs, visit this website at

Ensure that you record the location where this behavior was showcased, what had happened before and what happened after as this information from this dog website is important to a professional that you have sought help from. When it comes to toys, bed, water, food and other items, you should ensure that each dog has access to their own items to ensure that they do not come close to one another during meal times. When you decide to walk the dogs and one dog need to have a leash, change this norm and put a leash on all of the dogs so that they do not think one is important than the other.

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